26 Things-‘G’

26 Things

Glasses and Gaius


I am reading “The Lives of The Caesars”.  Last night when Tom and Brian went to bed, I picked up the book, got on my reading glasses and resumed reading about Caligula-Gaius.  Coincidently, while I was reading, a biography came on the TV about Caligula.  I put down my book and my reading glass and started watching.  This morning I asked Brian what I could take a picture of that started with the letter ‘G’.  He saw my glasses laying on the book and said, “glasses”.  So, here it is Glasses and Gaius (Caligula).

Note: Caligula means “little boot”, a nickname acquired, when he was three, while in Germania/Germany on a military campaign with his father (Germanicus), because of the miniature army boots he was wearing.  His real name and title was-Gaius Julius Caesar Germanicus.


3 thoughts on “26 Things-‘G’

  1. I hit enter too fast. See…what not concentrating can do.. Good for you! I’m impressed with your type of books. Maybe I should put down my mysteries and start reading history bios to improve my mind too. Would you believe I never heard of Caligula-Gaius!! I was never interested in ancient Roman history myself. Now that you mentioned it, I will look it up on the net and I might find it interesting too. Thanks for opening up a new area to concentrate on. ~Hugs~


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