26 Things-‘H’

26 Things



Looks more like an open slap.  Whose chubby, old mitt is that anyhow?



3 thoughts on “26 Things-‘H’

  1. Hi, Liz.. thank you for your insight on my blog today. I really appreciate it, as well as the Prayers.

    Your 26 pictures challenge looks like fun. I wish I could come up with some creative things.. haha… I’m so boring.

    Hope you have a Great evening..
    Many Blessings to you, my friend!



  2. Good morning, Liz! Thanks for the understanding comments. I just felt like a little rant – displaced anger, I’m sure. What are you doing today? I have tons of things to do – a little this and a little that. Just need some get up and go! Hugs!


  3. Hi Liz, I had fun looking at the picutures for the days I missed. Interesting info about Caligula as well. I see your temp is around 95F, outside, pretty hot, bet it gets hotter than that there. We lost power for two days so I’m trying to catch up. Have a nice Thursday. *hugs*


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