26 Things-‘L’



We had a quiet, yet, good day today. For Father’s Day Tom wanted Chinese food. That is what I cooked for him. I was busy cooking most of the day.

We also picked some blueberries and I cooked them into a glaze for the top of a ‘tart’ I also made. I cooked the crust a little too long as I wasn’t paying attention. But, it came out good anyhow. I lost the bottom to my tart pan. I tore the kitchen apart looking for it. I think it may have gotten thrown out by mistake. Geesh, that made me mad. So, what I did was use a pizza pan and basically made a dessert pizza. I know that the crust was too thin by the time I patted it into the pizza pan and it would have taken a shorter time to cook than if I used the tart pan. That is why it was cooked too long. Again, I should have been paying close attention.

All in all, everything turned good.

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