26 Things-‘X’



An xray of Tom’s spine after his back surgery.

In 1998 he was injured at his job.  Because of this injury he needed spinal surgery.  He was left with titanium screws and rods to fuse his spine and a vena cava filter which is a device inserted into a major vein to prevent a blood clot from entering the lungs. He was awake when they pushed that filter through his neck down.  After his surgery he encountered many complications-blood clot on the lungs, kidney failure, compartmental syndrome (see below) to his arm, congestive heart failure and a host of other complications.  All that surgery and problem has had a significant change to his life which left him partically disabled.  Thankfully the doctors saved his life more than once during those two weeks in the hospital. 

Compartment syndrome (CS) is a limb-threatening and life-threatening condition observed when perfusion pressure falls below tissue pressure in a closed anatomic space. The current body of knowledge unequivocally reflects that untreated CS leads to tissue necrosis, permanent functional impairment, and, if severe, renal failure and death. 

5 thoughts on “26 Things-‘X’

  1. Hi Liz, Oh my Tom really went through a lot, glad he was able to pull thru it all. At first before I read your post I thought it was a tooth implant. I just had a visit with the dentist and while I was in the chair there was a videor playing with all the procedure that can be done today, one of them was for teeth implants and they use titanium screws as well for that. Hope your having a good weekend. It’s raining here again, ugh! *hugs*


  2. Hi Liz you take really beautiful photos of food. Wow poor Tom, I’m glad he is still here. It’s hard dealing with pain though. Hope he gets by okay. Steve needs surgery but he won’t get it on his disc problems. I’ve seen him in a lot of pain and it’s hard to watch him suffer so much. Have a great weekend sweetie big hugs


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