Give Me Some Space

Our home is tiny and feels cramped.  It begins to clutter and drives me crazy.  It isn’t easy to clean when things don’t have a proper place. I keep weeding out and discarding things that I think I won’t need in the future.  Many times I have found myself wanting to kick myself in the butt for want of something that is long gone.  More kitchen equipment, than anything else, has seen it’s way to others or has been trashed. 

I think that most of us have a need for stuff.  We are a materialist society.  Our homes are being built bigger as are our garages and closets to accomodate our stuff.  There are those out there who need to rent a storage area to store their stuff. If you have to go that far, than I maintain you have too much stuff.

I am slowly, again, trying to weed out my stuff.  I just hope that I won’t go looking for something and then drive myself crazy trying to find whatever it is that probably got thrown out. 

5 thoughts on “Give Me Some Space

  1. Hi Liz, I have always tried to get rid of stuff I don’t use, lately I find I have been lax and my wardrobe and basement need some major cleaning out. Our house is small but it’s more than enough for the two of us. I sometimes want to move into a smaller space similar to the ones in Europe. When we redid our kitchen I packed all my stuff into boxes and put it in the basement and there most of it still lies. Happy 4th of July! *hugs*


  2. Hi Liz!

    Our house is.. beyond hope. Except for my room and the bathroom, it very cluttered and I just want to throw everything out. I can really understand your frustration. See, we don’t really throw that much out, its just that its such a flaming mess that we are always misplacing things. We must have 4 of everything! I think you are much better organized and put together when it comes to things like this. Have a wonderful 4th, make sure you eat more then you cook! Hugs..


  3. Hi Liz, I had a smaller house then I do now when I was raising my kids. That house is 1 mile away from here. We now have a bigger house and three car garage with cabinets that when my husband put them in I didn’t know what to fill them with, they are now filled to the hilt. I need to weed through my stuff and scale back. I feel it all the time, just you know like a stuffed pig. I can’t stand clutter and got rid of a lot of kitchen stuff from old house to new house, I don’t miss any of it. What I love and would miss is my craft things. I once through out old letters from my dad, grandparents and when my dad was in Vietnam. I so so regret that I did that now. What was I thinking? and old poems and songs that I wrote. I saw the popsicle kit at the grocery store again today but I didn’t buy it, no room in the freezer! Have a wonderful Thursday. big hugs


  4. Hi, Liz!
    I know what you mean.. I hate to throw things out for fear
    of needing them later! haha

    Hope you all have a safe and happy 4th!
    Thank you again for your thoughts and Prayers.

    RYC: Oh, yes, I had a run in (over the phone) with a.. nurse or receptionist.. whatever she is.. in my Mom’s doctor’s office today.. that woman is a boil on the butt of society!
    It irks me that they think they can treat sick people so rudely
    and disrespectfully.
    Uh oh.. the blood pressure is going up again.. lol



  5. Hi Liz! Catching up with your posts. I just got home from my Rosary prayer group. The lasagna is making my mouth water! I love the POPS, can wait to hear what you make with them! You are always so inventive!

    I agree, our homes are so overcluttered. I do hate clutter, it makes me so nervous, and yes, it is so hard to clean when things need to be found a spot first!

    Have a great evening! Hugs!


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