Enough Of Nature Already!

Our attempt to barbecue today instead of yesterday was halted by creepy crawlies in our barbecue grill. Yesterday, for the 4th, we were going to cook chicken on the grill but decided to wait to do it today. I got the chicken marinated, potatoes, and veggies prepared while Tom sprayed down the patio with bug control to rid the area of armies of red ants and any other pests. A couple of hours later Tom went out to get the grill ready. A little while later he came in and asked me how I would feel cooking inside. At first, I thought it was because the grill had broken or we were out of propane. He told me that there were four black widow spiders inside the grill and he had to spray it with the bug control. OH-MY-GOD! Not only that, he moved the grill and where he had his hand positioned on the grill, his hand was on one of the webs. I wasn’t upset by the fact that the grill was sprayed with bug juice; I was upset about the black widows. 

When he was spraying, one of them crawled onto the patio and he trapped it under a glass candleholder. He didn’t want it crawling away where he couldn’t see it.  After a while it stopped moving.  

I keep forgetting where I live and the hazards that surround us.  So, why am I so freaked out when I see these things and do the locals get just as freaked out as I do?  I act like it is the first time I have encountered these spiders.  I have been here for eighteen years.  Will I ever get used to it?  

Between last night’s giant cockroach landing on me while I was out on the patio and today’s spider scare, I barbecued chicken in my oven and made quite the greasy mess. I wasn’t going to cook on a grill that was sprayed with bug control.

One thought on “Enough Of Nature Already!

  1. Happy Independence weekend Liz;

    Ohhhh.. Thank goodness we don’t have those horrible creatures here in NY. They made me sick seeing them in Southern CA. when I was visiting my daughter in San Gabriel in 2005. The first time I saw those big suckers was in Florida on vacation quite a few years ago and I vowed I would never move there. Just the thought of them makes me cringe.

    On to a better subject… Hope the rest of your holiday was a good one. Have a lovely Sunday my friend. ~Hugs~


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