Releasing Gas

With nothing else to write about, I will do another poll.

If you chooseOtherthen type your answer by clicking into the light brown bar on the poll.

2 thoughts on “Releasing Gas

  1. Hi Liz, sorry I missed posting last thrus. it turned out to be a very busy day and I was setting back up my new computer. I should of put a short blip in, but I didn’t. I am on track now as long as nothing disaterous happens on thursday, but I will post something even if I don’t have time to say much. I have another sleep study coming up next monday. I voted in your poll and I’m the yes answer lol. They can drill today without hardly disturbing the area and so I feel that it could be done. but mostly I’d wish t hey would quit fibbing about the tons of oil we have in reserve and use it! Thank goodness we don’t drive as much as we use to. Hope you and the family are doing very well. Love and ~hugs~


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