Thanking The Dear Lord

I got a frightening phone call today from Carrie.  It was 1:20 this afternoon and I hear Carrie on the other end of the phone saying in a quivering and teary voice, “Mom, I have to tell you something and don’t get upset.”  Of course, I blurt out, “WHAT’S WRONG!!!”  

Nicky was in a car accident.  She got the call at work telling her that Nicky was at Shands Hospital and that she was on her way there.  I was screaming, NO!!!  Carrie was screaming.  Her boss was driving her to the hospital.  Carrie couldn’t give me any information on Nicky or any details about the accident.  She didn’t know herself.  I screamed,  “IS HE DEAD!”  Carrie was wailing, “I don’t know.”  Apparently, Nicky was with the babysitter and the babysitter got into a car accident on the interstate.  Oh, my dear God.  I was so scared and so shaken.  I could barely use the phone to call Tom.  I thought I was going to pass out.  All along I was screaming.  It was awful.  I didn’t know if Nicky was ok or not.   On the way to the hospital she got through to the hospital by cell phone and they told her that Nicky had some cuts, scrapes and bruises on his face and that he was doing good.  Carrie called me back to give me that much information at least.  I thought I was going to die not knowing.  In the meantime, Tom comes through the door and you could see the fright on his face.  It was terrible here.  Just terrible.  Carrie called again to tell me that she got to the hospital and that she would call me soon.  I just couldn’t stop my head from spinning.  I was hyperventilating. I was panic stricken.  

It took Carrie one hour to get to the damn hospital.  About a half an hour later she called back and said that she signed him out to triage and that she was waiting for the doctor to see him.  She told me that there was a four car pile-up involved and that the babysitter was in surgery with a crushed leg and chest.  The car is totaled.  In the car was the babysitter, the baby sitter’s daughter and the daughter’s two children plus Nicky and another child that she watches.  They were on their way back from a doctor’s appointment that one of her grandchild had.  They took the babysitter to the hospital and left the daughter and four children, including Nicky, on the side of the highway.  The police and all emergency vehicles left and left them on the side of the highway.  Oh, my God!   The accident happened at 10:00 this morning and they didn’t pick up the Nicky and the rest until later on.  Carrie said that Nicky and some of the kids were bleeding. 

I had another good cry after all was said and done.  The babysitter came through surgery ok-Thank God.  Carrie called and she broke down again.  We are so stunned.  This was too close for comfort.  Nicky has a large bump on his forehead and some cuts to his brow and face, but he is ok.  Dear, Lord.  Thank you.  Every time I think about it I just break down and cry.  I can’t believe that he went through this.

8 thoughts on “Thanking The Dear Lord

  1. Hi Liz, wow sorry to hear about this accident how terrible. I was in a headon when Shane was a baby and he had a big bump on his head. Car accidents are very scary. thank God Nicky is okay! Praise the Lord!
    Sorry to hear about the baby-sitter. Sending prayers and love hugs Kat


  2. Dear Liz
    wow, my tears is running while reading this, it must have been a terrible day for all of you. I am just happy the end was more or less good. Hope Nicky is as fine as ever at this time. Hugs to all of you.


  3. Oh, Liz!!!!! I am so sorry to read all this – and so late after the fact. How horrible for everyone, but thank God Nicky is all right. You must have hit the lowest point in your life there for a few moments. I can’t believe they sat on the side of the road in that condition. Just incredible. I will pray for everyone involved including you. I’m so sorry you had to go through this.


  4. Oh no. Liz, my heart goes out to all of you. I get upset just reading about it. I can’t even imagine how upsetting this all was.

    You’re all in my prayers. Thanks to God that Nicky is okay.



  5. Dear Liz,

    Thank goodness Nicky is okay. I feel like the other comments, I CAN NOT believe the emergency crews would leave little ones who are bleeding on the side of the highway. I don’t know what words can ease your upset right now so I will simply say my thoughts are with your entire family tonight.


  6. Dear Liz, I am sitting here in tears! Thank God He was with Nicky and the others! I am so thankful to hear Nicky is ok, with just bumps and scratches! I can’t even imagine why emergency crews AND police would leave them all on the side of the highway…and for so long! My prayers are with you and your family. Love and hugs my friend!


  7. Hi Liz, just reading what you wrote sent shivers up and down my spine, especially after hearing about the injuries to the babysitter. I’m surprised at the emergency crews just left the children on the side of the highway. I’m sorry you had to go through such a terrible time before knowing that Niky was ok I can only imagine the shock you must have felt. Take care. *hugs*


  8. Oh my dear Liz;

    I’m crying here just thinking about it. Thank the Lord Nicky and the other children are okay and the babysitter came through the surgery. What a shock! How in the world could the police, and emergency crews just leave the daughter and all the children on the side of the highway like that, especially with children bleeding! What kind of help is that!! My heart and prayers go out to you and your family my friend. ~Hugs~


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