All Is Well

Nicky went for his follow up today and his is doing well.  But, the baby sitter is going to need more surgery, which she will have this Sunday.  We are so thankful that everyone came through this accident.  Like I said previous, this was too close for comfort.

Brian’s first day of school was today.  He said he enjoyed being back to school.  I am still amazed at the early start date. I took only three pictures of him this morning and was disappointed with how they came out. I usually take more so I can choose the best ones. But to my defense, after the third picture Brian said, “That’s enough Grammy, OK.” 

back to school
Back to School

Geesh! This picture is really blurry.

6 thoughts on “All Is Well

  1. So glad that Nicky is OK. 🙂

    I always take a photo of Ian every year on the first day of school. He’s going to be a Sophomore in a few weeks. Oh my!

    Brian is so handsome. I’m glad he’s excited about going back to school.



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