Okay.  I don’t have much to say.  Today I saw Carrie and Nicky.  They popped in later this morning.  Nicky is doing great.  My sister called.  I helped Brian with his homework. 

Hopefully, tomorrow I will have more to say if for my sanity only.

4 thoughts on “Hopeful

  1. Aw Liz, Hopeful, that is how I feel and in your previous posts I fully felt the very same. Sometimes I wonder why I am even here and why I made it through that surgery. I love Jesus with all my heart and would love it if I only could be with him at times. Yet I remain like you, hopeful. Hopefuly that whatever I am here for is for some purpose. So hard to believe Brian is back in school. Another year is just flying by. I keep you in my heart and my prayers. Love and ~hugs~


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