A Page Fill-ah

Saturday Six

1. Do you prefer a hotter climate or a colder climate? :: Cold climate.

2. If you could live anywhere on the planet and money wasn’t an object, which area would you choose? :: Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

3. Do you prefer walking, riding a bike, driving or flying when you are going somewhere? :: I would love to get back into bike riding.

4. Take the quiz: What planet do you come from?  ::  Uranus?  (Can you guess what I am thinking?)


5. What is the biggest change you have made to help the environment? ::  Mmm. 

6. If scientists discovered signs of life on another planet, would you worry about your safety if that material was brought to Earth for study? :: No.

5 thoughts on “A Page Fill-ah

  1. Hi hon,

    My responses… yeah, yeah, I am too self-involved..

    1. Cold Climate

    2. Somewhere in rural England, Perhaps the Yorkshire Dales
    You are from New Hampshire right, your sister still lives there?

    3. I do like walking but you usually need to drive around here to get somewhere…
    You like to bike huh?


    What Planet Are You From?

    this quiz was made by The Autist Formerly Known As Tim

    5. Same awnser as you! lol.

    6. Yes, I don’t want any otherworldly germs down here thanks


  2. Hi Liz, I would l would prefer to live here if it were not so cold although I know constant heat would get to me. Even with all the rain we are getting I’m happy for this time of year when I can go outside without a coat, boots, toque, hat and mittens. Have a nice Sunday. *hugs*


  3. Yes I can guess! I love cold weather too and we are having a cool summer. So if this is global warming I love love love it!!! have a great Sunday! big hugs


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