“Gray Haired Granny Freaks Need Not Apply”

Brian joined Cub Scouts Tuesday night. I must say that it is quite expensive. His uniform alone will cost $123.00 plus shipping and tax. Then he has to purchase all his camping equipment. The list goes on and on.

I have been looking for employment without success. Two months ago I applied at Walgreens and CVS and haven’t heard back. The problem with applying for jobs is that they aren’t hiring. I have been looking for jobs with the Dept. of Navy, but there again, there aren’t any ‘hot job’ openings. Well, there are two hot jobs-Mechanical Engineer and Physician (Family Medicine). Too bad I wasn’t qualified for either one of those positions. Before I moved here I was a Marine Machinist Helper for the Dept of the Navy (DON). Even if there were an opening for a Marine Machinst, I think I am a little too old to don a hard hat and steel toed shoes again. The rest of the jobs with the DON are ‘Open Continious’. Meaning that if a job is open and if you applied for that job your Resumix will be taken into consideration.

There was a job here in my area for a motel housekeeper.  Here is the job description-

Salary $6.55 to $6.75 based on qualifications and experience. Housekeeper to clean guest rooms, common areas and laundry. Must be available to work weekends and holidays. Permanent Full Time First Shift Job.

One of my continious problems are, we only have one vehicle and Tom uses it for his job. I am just sick about all of this. I really don’t want to clean motel rooms for 8 hours a day. The jobs around here are scarce. And with prices sky rocketing out of sight, it is vital that I find some work.  Oh, what a life!  

I will make my visits tomorrow.  I am just really tired since Brian returned back to school.  I have to get up at 5:00 a.m. and with the stress that I am feeling and getting up so early and going to bed late, it is taking a toll on me.

2 thoughts on ““Gray Haired Granny Freaks Need Not Apply”

  1. HI Liz I sure hope you can find a job in the time frame you can use the car. You might try an agency or schools. I don’t know your area so I can’t say what would be good place to look for work. You’re a good baker so maybe a super market bakery if you have one. Do you have a bus system or do you live on the outs like me? have a nice evening and wonderful weekend. Big hugs


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