Some Small Talk

I awoken this morning with a headache, neck ache and nausea. As the day progressed, I started to feel better. I got absolutely nothing done around the house today.

We had leftover lasagna for supper and Tom and I made chocolate covered strawberries for Brian.  Brian saw some chocolate covered strawberries at the supermarket the other day, in the bakery section, and wanted to buy some. At $3.00 a piece, I said no way in hades will I buy them. We will make them. I bought some baker’s melting chocolate and Tom bought the strawberries to make them at home. I can’t imagine that anyone would buy a strawberry with some chocolate on them for $3.00 a piece. Online you can get them for about $5.00 a piece including shipping and handling. UGH!

Now for a Friday meme-

That’s My Answer

Would you rather go out to dinner and a movie, or dancing and to a bar?  I would rather go dancing and to a bar.  I do not like to go to the movies.  The last movie I saw, in a theater, was “Nixon”-I can’t even remember why I would have gone to that one-and before that it was “E.T.” and before that “Jaws”.  Maybe I will just skip the dancing and go directly to the bar.  Wheeeeee!

3 thoughts on “Some Small Talk

  1. Funny about the movies! We don’t go either; Roy can’t hear much of what they say and goes to sleep! That is crazy about the strawberries; I have never bought them already dipped and now I know why. Hugs!


  2. Hi Liz, I’ll take dancing over a movie any day. The prices for chocolate strawberries are crazy! Last week I bought rasberries and blueberries 3 containers for $5.00 today they were 3.99 a container. Good luck on the job hunting. *hugs*


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