Storm Watching

We are under a hurricane watch.  It is suppose to get stormy here starting tomorrow late in the afternoon, and continue on to Thursday.  All this week, and into the weekend, we are going to have many storms.  The areas around us are under a flood watch until Saturday and tornadoes until Friday.  I should be preparing and getting important papers, etc. together.  I will wait until tomorrow.  

Moving on.  Brian went to his first Cub Scout meeting last night and enjoyed it very much.  His eight Birthday is this Friday and we may have to postpone some of the things that we planned for him because of this storm.  Nicky is doing great.  I saw him and Carrie today for a few hours.  I haven’t been taking any pictures and I am really feeling bad about that.  Hopefully, I will get back into taking pictures.  I guess most of us go through phases.

4 thoughts on “Storm Watching

  1. Hi Liz, hope you don’t get to much in storms. We had 2 days of rain and cloudiness with such nice temps. Over 3 1/2 inches of rain. Today the sun is coming back, but so is the heat. I’m glad Brian likes Scouts, but it is expensive isn’t it. I fully understand the phases of doing things. I go through them myself and often. I caught up on all your posts. Can I go to the bar with ya! LOL.. I rarely, very, go to the movies either, but it’s always something I really want to see. Mostly enjoy them now at home on DVD. Our Autumn, Falls, are pretty warm too, but like the hot, hot of summer I hate the cold, cold of deep winter too. lol. I’m very hard to please weather wise anymore. Take care and sending lots of ~hugs~ and Love my friend.


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