The Hatches Are Still Battened

Fay has stalled and is moving at 2 mph. We have had rain all day. Now, the rain is getting heavier and we are still wondering what is going to happen. School is cancelled for tomorrow also. Some of the bridges in Jacksonville and St. Augustine are closed. We are waiting to hear about the bridge that links us to Florida. We have even got our battery operated skill saw ready to go just incase we have to move to the crawl space (like an attic, but not really) and cut a way out to the roof. This mess is going to continue right into the weekend.

Tomorrow is Brian’s birthday. Our plans will probably be altered, but we will still have a cake and presents for him.

I wish to thank those who participate in last nights poll.  The results of last nights poll-

During A Storm, I Mostly Fear The…

All Of The Above 3
Lightning 3
Winds 3
Flooding 0
Other answer… 0

I chose all of the above.  I am a chicken at heart.

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