We Can Exhale Now

First I want to thank all who checked in here to see how my family and I fared during Fay. 

We had a lot of wind and rain, but not enough rain to flood our area.  There was an evacuation in parts of our county because of the flood zone.  We aren’t in that flood zone.  We have a lot of tree branches and leaves down around our house.  Our concern was that a tree would fall onto the house.  The winds finally died down late in the afternoon.  Tomorrow we have a massive cleanup outside the house.  Hopefully, it will be dried enough to remove the leaves.  Right now they are wet and stick to the pavement. 

Carrie lost electricity and and was without running water.  Parts of her area were and still are flooded.  She, Nicky and Ronnie showed up here yesterday morning for Brian’s birthday and to take showers.  They stayed around until early last night.

Brian’s birthday was strange to say the least.  We did manage to make it as normal as possible.  He was happy and that is all that really mattered.  We got him a bike, helmet and some cars. 

Thankfully we are all safe and sound.  I am grateful that we didn’t suffer, but feel terrible about the ones that did.

5 thoughts on “We Can Exhale Now

  1. So glad you all are ok, Work to do I’m sure. Why was Brian’s birthday strange? I’m glad he enjoyed it. Had a nice picnic with the kids for JD’s birthday. Got some nice pictures on the blog and at flickr. Finally one of my kids and their families all together. I hope the clean up isn’t to hard for you. Love you ~hugs~


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