Hurricanes and Occasions

It has been on heck of a Labor Day for those in the Gulf area. Yesterday was Tom and my 30th wedding anniversary. We watched hurricane Gustav and played cribbage (During Fay, it was Brian’s birthday). We also watched and are concerned about hurricane Hanna as it looks like it is heading our way. There are three more storms to watch after Hanna.  I still have some things packed from the last storm Fay.  I don’t think that I am going to unpack until after hurricane season is over. I am concerned for Julia and her family. I hope and pray that they are doing well.

Saturday Brian sold popcorn at Lowe’s for his troop.  They netted $710.00.  What sticks in my craw is that $500.00 plus goes to the popcorn and $200.00 to the troop.  I ordered his uniform and handbook online and we are still waiting for the belt and buckle to come in.  It is on backorder.  The shipping and handling and taxes cost one third of the order. 

Bear Cub
Cub Scout Bear-Okefenokee Area Council

Today is Tom’s birthday.  “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DEAR HUBBY!”  He is 56 years young today.

6 thoughts on “Hurricanes and Occasions

  1. What a darling picture. I am thinking of you today with Hanna – hope you don’t get much rain. Happy Anniversary to you and Tom – that’s a real milestone. We got electricity – at last – and will soon have hot water. The pilot light blew out, which we didn’t realize at first, and Matt just relit it so Roy wouldn’t have to crawl around on his back. I have been taking baths in about six inches of cold water and will totally enjoy a hot one for a change. Hope your weekend goes well weatherwise. Can you believe all these hurricanes???


  2. Hi Liz, Happy Birthday to Tom and Happy Anniversary to you both, yesterday was my niece’s anniversary as well. I think it’s a good idea to stay packed just in case, usually when you’re prepared nothing happens, fingers crossed. I’ve been thinking of Julia also and pray that her and her family are ok. Brian and his troop sure sold a lot of popcorn too bad the get 200 $ for the troops. *hugs*


  3. HI Liz, goodness Happy anniversary and a special Happy Brithday to Tom. Know I think I would chose to remain packed too if I were living in an area where I might have to leave. Why do they make something like the scouts cost so much for a child to join. It’s ridiculous. But I’m so glad Brian is enjoying it and bet he does really well as a scout. I got your email and replied. Thanks! Love ya! ~hugs~


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