Manic Monday #132

If you were to name the one thing you have the most compassion for, what would it be? 
I can’t name just one.  My answers are:  Children and Animals.

It’s been said that, “The best things in life are free.” Do you think this is true?
It would all depend on what the best things are to someone.

What is the most valuable thing you own?
I can name a few-My computer, eye glasses, family photos and my camera (not necessarily in that order) since we don’t own people.

2 thoughts on “Manic Monday #132

  1. Hi Liz, I found a bunch of your comments in my spam, so I retrieved them. Maybe now it will accept your comments. I am praying for you my friend that you don’t have any bad weather from Hannah. We had a cold front move in and it was cold then rain from Gustav too although not much here and no really bad storms. We’re lucky with Gustav coming from the east to west then the cold front down from the northwest, that no bad storms were triggered. Keep us posted on how it is going for you. I will worry. Love and ~hugs~


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