My Mind Is Spinning

I watched the RNC last night and especially took note of Sarah Palin as most of us watching did.  Although she delivered a good speech and was able to read the TelePrompter without missing a beat, she didn’t impress me.

It looks like Hurricane Hanna will not make land fall here but we will feel some impacts from her with storm surges, massive wave heights and flooding. Hurricane Ike looks like he may head right for us. The forcasters aren’t sure as of yet. This hurricane looks massive having a category 4 status. Lord, help us all! These storms and hurricanes are stressing those of us that live in these paths out.

Well, I am off to watch McCain. I can’t wait for November when all of this political rhetoric and grandiloquence from both sides is said and done.

5 thoughts on “My Mind Is Spinning

  1. Oh, Liz, I will be crossing my fingers about Ike. We still don’t have power, so I missed that speech – and everything else on TV since Monday when the power went off where we were staying in north Louisiana during Gustav. We returned Tuesday but still don’t have power. There are too many power lines down in New Iberia, but they are working on it at a furious pace. Trucks from Indiana came down our street yesterday to do preliminary work. Nice people. Son and DIL Matt and Ashley got power yesterday, thank goodness, so we spent last night at their place, thus the temporary computer connection. I hope you don’t get hit with this sort of thing. Thanks so very much for asking about us during the storm. You don’t know how much that meant to me. That was wonderful. Hugs, Julia


  2. Hi Liz, Yes she Sarah Palin can make a speach, I was appaled at the video tapes they showed last night. I guess we’ll be watching Ike, sounds like another big. Hope it will not come your way. *hugs*


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