More Of The Same

Today was a beautiful day weather wise. We didn’t get any impact from Hanna. I am keeping an eye on Ike and it has a wide range of possibilities. Four places it could devastate here in the US. I can’t believe these storms. I pray that everyone keeps safe during Ike and I hope everyone North of us kept safe from Hanna.

Brian wasn’t feeling well today. He complained of a stomachache on and off today. As usual, I worry myself sick when he isn’t feeling well. In between him feeling OK, I snapped pictures of him and Shadow out on the front stoop.

Brian and Shadow
Brian and Shadow Enjoying The Day

There isn’t much to say.  Most of what I talk about lately is the weather.  I am already sick of watching the Weather Channel on and off for the past two weeks. 

Carrie has had four day off from work and Nicky is keeping her busy (I wonder if it is easier to work or stay home with the children  Mmm!).  The hotel business is slowing down.  This summer was a really bad summer to be in the hotel business.  I read today that the unemployment rate jumped to 6.1% in August, the highest in nearly five years.  So far the job losses in 2008 are more than 600,000.  This isn’t good.

3 thoughts on “More Of The Same

  1. Hi Liz,

    I hope Brian is better today. He and Shadow look so cute!

    I know what you mean about business slowing down this year, my business is doing the same. Sigh.

    Have a wonderful Sunday.



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