Now We Call It Keyboarding

I still call it typing.  Ready!  Fingers on home row.  Go!  asdf jkl; asdf jkl;…I learned on a manual typewriter and when I first used an electric I didn’t like it.  I wanted my manual.  I wanted to throw that carriage return until it felt like I was going to throw it through the nearest wall if it should come undone from the machine.

I had him do his own research (which he didn’t want to do), and write an outline-in his own words-(which he didn’t want to do)-on his research. Then he typed his outline in Word. I showed him how to use bullets, bold type, etc. He did very well. He typed the whole thing in yellow highlight and thought that was cool. Before we printed it out, I got rid of the yellow highlight. He and the other students are graded according to Rubric. Rubric is “a scoring tool that lists the criteria for a piece of work or ‘what counts.'” Rubrics can help students and teachers define “quality”.  Rubrics can also help students judge and revise their own work before handing in their assignments. Typing your project, using heading and subheading to visually organize the material, will help in achieving a better score.     

Typing Report
Typing 'Habit Project'

I allowed him to eat a poptart while at my desk.  I don’t even drink or eat at my computer.  Eh! What’s a little poptart between keys?  Just don’t make a habit/habitat of it.

2 thoughts on “Now We Call It Keyboarding

  1. Hi Liz, Looks like you will be spared the wrath of Ike, not so good for the people on the Gulf Coast. Great layout, Brian looks so cute typing away on your laptop. I also loved the picture of Shadow, what a beautiful cat. *hugs*


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