The American Green Tree Frog

Brian’s diorama and poster of an American Green Tree Frog is FINISHED. 

Habitat Diorama Of The American Green Tree Frog
Poster Of American Green Tree Frog

We don’t have access to a craft store.  We made most of the thing in the diorama from playdough and drew them using Paint Shop Pro7.  There is a little swamp/wetland in the background that you can’t see in the picture with a lily and lily pads and water ferns.  We made cattail from Q-tips.  I tried to get Brian to be more neat and orderly, but I think he did really well. If he had had his way he would not have any homework or projects. Although it was fun to work on with Brian, I am so glad that it is finished.

7 thoughts on “The American Green Tree Frog

  1. Hello,

    I was wondering if you could give more instructions on how to make this wonderful diorama. I can’t see how you made the “water pond”. I have triplet girls and they all need to make a habitat diorama and this caught my eye. You and your son did a wonderful job and it is so cute. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Dawn


  2. I am interested in how to make this diorama. I have triplet girls that need to make a habitat diorama. I would like to know if you could give me more directions… is very cute!
    Dawn Kane


  3. I have triplets and need to make a habitat diorama. I love the tree frog one that your son made. I have to make (3) of these. I was wondering if you could give me some more instructions on how this was made. I can’t make out some of the small details. Thanks so much, Dawn


  4. I was never a fan of projects. They make the teacher look good and cost the parents too much money. Have a lovely day. I’m off to make a chicken and mushroom crostini for dinner. HUGS


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