A Prayer For Those In The Path Of Ike…

…and for those that are displaced because of this storm.

Heavenly Father, in their present need, help them to believe that you are a wave of their anxiety and will do what is best for them. Give them the strength to trust you and put the present and future in your hands. Grant this through Christ, our Lord.

I have been watching cable news most of the day for updates on Ike.  I cannot believe what is happening in the Gulf.  It is shocking when they are reporting that those left behind will face certain death.  The police are even telling those that opted to stay behind to write their social security numbers on their arms so they can identify them quicker after the devastation.

4 thoughts on “A Prayer For Those In The Path Of Ike…

  1. Hi Liz,
    This is the time of year where I’m always worried for the Gulf Coast. We are getting the remnants of Ike right now– just lots of rain and wind.

    I’m using the day to stay in and bake a batch of blondies. Yum!



  2. I don’t understand people who won’t leave knowing how bad it is going to be. I’d go even it it meant living in the car. I’m so glad you were spared a lot from hanna. Ike will come up and they are prediciting storms and lots of rain especially in the central and eastern part of the state. I’m sure we’ll recieve some. Just pray no tornado’s or even thunder and lightening. Storms always seem to get my wireless towers so I am off line. lol. Take care and my thoughts and prayers are with you always my friend. ~hugs~


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