Manic Monday #134

1.  What’s worse, physical or mental cheating? Why?  Mmm!  Both ways can take a toll on a relationship. 

2.  Do you think men and women can be just friends? Why or why not?  If it is understood between each that, their friendship is just that-a friendship, then yes. But, I do think that if both the man and the woman are married to others or are in a relationship with a significant other, then it would create a problem. We would all like to think that we trust one another when we are in a committed relationship but we never know what the other is thinking. One good friend of mine, before moving here, with the opposite sex was a gay man.   So, I think in that case it would work out well.  No one felt threatened.

3.  How do you feel about dating co-workers?  It would not be a good thing. There would be much at risk like your job and your relationship with that person.

5 thoughts on “Manic Monday #134

  1. Hi Liz, I would like to think that men and women could be best friends but I can also see how what stars as friendship can become something more. Everyone says that co-workers is not a good thing and I can see why but there’s a lot of it going in my workplace. *hugs*


  2. I Liz I love Brian’s green tree frog projects those are really nice. He did a great job!
    Life is very hard right now with tragedies and everything. I don’t think any one person can be blamed for them all.
    I am always amazed at how some blame everything on one political party. That to me is so ridiculous.
    I wonder myself if God is not telling us to wake up people!!! I have my own personal problems at the same time the sky is falling in, I have noticed every year it’s political season the sky falls in.
    It’s to bad about the Ike and the train wreck how awful on both counts. I heard the train accident might be caused by a cell phone. that’s a real shame if that’s true. big hugs and enjoy a nice day sweetie. big hugs


  3. hi liz, hope your sister and family fared well with Ike. I am getting a sinus cold and have a terrible cough congestion and sore throat and ears. Think my day out didn’t help. Ike never really got here, to far east I guess. Just trying to make it through the day and not be feeling to bad. Sending you lots of love and ~hugs~


  4. Hi Liz,

    I really do think it depends on the people involved in situation #2.

    I agree with you completely on #3. Your job is just too important to mess around with.

    I hope your week is off to a good start.



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