Crash, Boom, Bang!

I don’t profess to know much about how Wall Street works, but I do know that I have been watching the news and the financial markets and it doesn’t take an economist to know that we are in more trouble, financially, then the media will report. Don’t want to cause a mass panic-don’t yah know.  I understand that we live in a Capitalistic society and that everyone has a right to make as much money as one wants, but at whose expense. 

During our supper we saw a flash of lightning and then heard a snap and then a big bang.  Our electricity went out for a second.  When the TV came back on there was as greenish and pink tint to the picture.  Tom checked the other TV and it was the same.  We turned off the livingroom TV and when we turned it back on it was OK.  The other TV is still messed up with the green and pink tint.  Just Great!  Just another thing we won’t be able to replace.

4 thoughts on “Crash, Boom, Bang!

  1. Hi Liz! Sorry about your TV. We had that happen not too long ago and though we thought it messed up the TV it actually hit the satellite dish and after that was replaced by DISH our TVs were fine.

    Your grandkids are getting so big!

    Have a wonderful Thursday!

    ((BIG HUGS))


  2. That’s a shame about the TV. I can relate to the not replacing it.

    I talked to my niece Samantha last night right after she talked to my sister Jane’s doctor, and she was pretty shaken. It seems Jane’s kidneys are failing, and he gives her a week at the maximum. They are sending her home to DeVall’s Bluff today. Samantha asked the doctor when her brother should return from Chicago, and he said today.


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