Make A Wish!

Today was just plain hollow. I just wanted to pull the covers over my head today and wait it out until tomorrow. Tomorrow my birthday would be over. Actually, I managed to sleep most of the day away. Before noon, I went and lay down. Tom awoken me when he and Brian got home at 3:00. Then at six this evening I laid down again and Tom awoken me at 8:30. 

Tom had a small birthday cake he bought at the grocery store and I blew out candles while I was still in a groggy state from my nighttime nap (I got out of bed, rinsed out my mouth, walked into the kitchen and blew out the candles after T and B sang ‘Happy Birthday’).  The candles were already lite and waiting for me.  Luckily, there was only ten candles to blow out.  Pfft!  I guess we couldn’t afford the other 85. Touché! and Huh?  Otherwise, I would have passed out if I had to blow out as many candles as there should have been.

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