The Big Bailout

Big bailout: Where things stand

Federal officials and lawmakers will spend the weekend hammering out the details of what could be the biggest government bailout in history.

4 thoughts on “The Big Bailout

  1. Hi dear Liz,

    I am know I have been MIA lately but I will try to visit more often. I don’t understand any of this.. bailouts and the stockmarket. I just feel scared when I hear about these things. Thinking of you and sending hugs…


  2. Hi Liz! I see your tags at other blogs, so thought I would drop in for a visit. I’m not sure about the bailouts, but what a mess greed has made. It sickens me! Like you, I think it is far worse than what we are being told. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Hugs….


  3. Hi Liz: I’m not sure about the bailouts yet. I’ve been up since 5 due to the blasted gravel trucks ripping and tearing up and down this narrow road. Have a great weekend. HUGS


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