We’re In The Classifieds

Instead of leaving this Saturday we are going to leave this Friday morning.  Today we signed Brian out of school.  Thursday will be his last day.  He is doing so well at this school, that I pray he also does well up there.

My sister already put the ad in the local paper for our cleaning business.  Here is the ad from their website-

CLASSIK CLEANING Service. Home, offices, move outs. Satisfaction guaranteed. 1-***-***-****.

I took out the rest of the phone number as I didn’t want to post it here. Also, she has us working some Halloween and Thanksgiving fairs. Our first one is on October 18th. My sister is sharing some of her jobs that she has now with me and my first day on the job will be this Monday.

Here is the logo that I made a couple of years ago when this was first thought of by my sister and me. I still want to tweak it here and there especially the colors.  This isn’t the original size as it would have been too big to fit here on this blog.  This will be for t-shirts etc. 


Things are moving rather quickly. My mind is swirling. I haven’t even had a moment to think about what I am leaving behind and all the work that needs to be done here in order for Tom to make the transition. I am sure that once I get to New England that is when reality will set in. I am so excited that I am going to be living on the New England Seacoast. First thing I want to eat is a big plate of fried clams.

14 thoughts on “We’re In The Classifieds

  1. Hi Liz, I forgot to tell you I love your logo. I started thinking about that yesterday so I had to come back and tell you! LOL! Its funny how you think of something later and you feel bad you forgot to mention it. Oh my gosh it’s almost Friday! Yay I am so very excited and happy for you. Please write as soon as you can post in here about your wonderful new life. Big hugs


  2. Hi Liz,

    I love your logo for your new business with your sister! How exciting for you, I bet you are counting down the seconds for Friday AM to come! Stay safe.. will you journal while you are traveling? Hugs!


  3. HI Liz, that sounds wonderful the clams. I am excited for you!
    Your business sounds wonderful with your sister. So Tom will rend or sell the house and come later? Have a great first day of October! big hugs


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