Who’s The Crazy Lady…

up and down the eastern coast?   Me, that is who. 

The economy is bad everywhere.  I thought that up in New England it would be somewhat better than in the South.  I was wrong.  Stores are closing left and right up there.  We weren’t picking up any new houses to clean and I wasn’t making enough money to afford an apartment, utilities, food or anything else needed for survival.  The school system up in Maine is way behind the system here.  They aren’t up on their reading or math.  In Maine, the third grade is still on adding and subtraction.  Here, at his old school, they are doing multiplication, algebra, and geometry.  In Maine Brian was still on printing and here, at his old school, they are doing cursive.  His reading was suffering while up in Maine.  Here he is at fifth grade level reading and after he reads a book he goes on line and takes a test.  He is an accelerated reader, but in Maine he had to draw pictures of what he read and he had a whole month to do it.  I was shocked that they are so far behind. 

My sister, a friend of hers and I did a harvest fair.  We baked cupcakes, pumpkin and banana bread, made orange flavored chocolate and white chocolates as well as chocolate and white chocolate lollipops all in the harvest and Halloween mode.  We also made maple and pecan flavored popcorn along with green apple flavored popcorn.  We made blueberry and apple cinnamon muffins.  It took us two full days and nights to do it all. The evening before the fair we did all the baked goods.  We went to bed a 2:00 a.m. and got up at five to be at the fair by 7:00 a.m.  We failed at that.  We all lost $140.00 plus.  It was terrible.  All the other vendors were also complaining about the money they were loosing.  People weren’t buying.  They were just browsing.  They all said that it was the economy.  We gave away all the leftover baked good to friends and family.

These are some of the products that we made.  This was just half of it.

Harvest Fair Foods
Flavored Popcorn

Regretfully, Brian and I are back in Georgia.  We also brought Nicky back with us.  Carrie will have to work nights and didn’t have anyone to care for Nicky while she worked.  She will be traveling back and forth to Boston from New Hampshire.  Carrie will be looking for nighttime daycare.  Hopefully, it won’t be too long before Nicky is back with her-If you know what I mean.  🙂 

My sister, bil and niece did everything to make us feel at home and were sorry that we couldn’t make it there.  My sister said to give it a few more months, but if I didn’t find an apartment I wouldn’t be able to watch Nicky while Carrie worked.  Brian was saddened that we had to leave but couldn’t wait to get back to Grampy.  He is back in his old school as of yesterday and right back to his regular routine.  Kids are somewhat resilient anyhow. 

Well, I failed that mission.  When we decide to make the move back we will be sure that we do it together.  We will just have to make it here for a while.  Tom told me to have no regrets that at least I tried.

9 thoughts on “Who’s The Crazy Lady…

  1. Hi Liz, better to have tried and failed then not have tried at all. I know it’s a cliché but Tom is right, no regrets. All that beautiful baking you and your sister and friend did, what a shame, they should be sold in a grocery store they look a lot better than the ones we get here and I’ll bet they’re delicious too. *hugs*


  2. What can I say that the other posters haven’t? Well, I guess I could say that you are are talented (cooking, crocheting, painting,) loving (To your daughter and your grandchildren, and your husband), an awesome online friend (you have been a source of support for me over the last several years) and on and on the list could go. I know you are feeling disappointed right now but lets look at the bright side… you finally got to go back to New England, you realized the school system is WAY better where you are now then over in New England *Big Plus For Brian and Nicky*and you had a home to come back to.. some people make a move like that and it doesn’t work out and they have nothing to come back to. As far as the economy goes, I think the media is making it seem worse then it is, constantly telling us how much trouble we are in, this is scary people so much they are afraid to buy, which is of course hurting the economy even more.. Goodness! I remain hopeful. I saw a conference on tv with leading ecomomic experts who say we have been here before and things got better and after a new president is elected things almost always get better with the economy so I will choose to focus on that instead of the news which always makes you want to jump off a bridge, am I right? Love and Hugs…


  3. Hi Liz! It was so good to hear from you. I have been wondering how things were going. That is sad about the school being so far behind and I know it must be very frustrating. Sorry you lost money at the fair! All of your goodies look wonderful. Oh, but now I see you are back and Brian is back in his old school…yay! Have a wonderful day! ((BIG HUGS))


  4. Hi Liz: I was delighted to see your post, but so sorry to hear of your problems. I agree. Maine is so behind, it’s unbelievable. I used to go nuts when I’d see what was going on. That idiot Commissioner of Education ought to be fired. She’s taken them back 50 years at least. There’s no educational accountabilty and most schools only hire locally rather than look for the best. I so hope things work out. We had a miserable snow storm. I’ll post pics in about an hour. HUGS and stay in touch.


  5. Hello Liz, I know what you mean about the economy as things are very slow here, and only getting worse. My work hours are being cut back.

    Your baked goods look divine! I can’t believe they didn’t sell.

    Tom is so right– you tried and tried your very best. Things are sometimes beyond our control, quite unfortunately.



  6. I agree with your (wonderful) husband – at least you tried. And you can try again when the timing is better. Maybe it will be at retirement time, or when Brian gets older. Who knows? It wasn’t mean to be – at least not now. You are the greatest, Liz. You put your family first, and that is as it should be. Your treasure is your family. I haven’t posted anything this last week but am doing well – just busy working as usual. Two more years of that, God willing. Love, Julia


  7. Hi Liz, Tom is right, you have no regrets because you tried. And if the school is that far behind in Me, I think you made the right decision to go back now. Thank goodness your home didn’t sell!

    Oh, man, I wish I were near you, I would buy about half of those goodies, knowing the wonderful baked goods you make!!

    I am so happy you are back to blogging!


  8. HI Liz, I’m sorry you lost money on your sales of the food. Wow that is sad about the school in Main what a huge disappointment. I hope you find jobs and work to get your own apartment soon. Hope your husband is well. Take care and big hugs thinking of you always.


  9. Dear Liz. I am so sorry yur mooving failed, but I understand it is difficult with the the economy. You know what you got back in Georgia and most of all you have Tom and the kids. I hope Brian is happy beeing back to his old school, it sound much better.
    If you not have tried you don’t know how it would have been. I think you are a strong woman!
    All the nice baking and no sale *|o|* that tells all about the situation about economy, I think it all would have gone here.
    I hope it is some way good to be back home and I am so happy you back here at the blog 😀
    Take care
    Lot of hugs


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