At Least We Tried?

Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.-Samuel Beckett

If I wasn’t living this life I wouldn’t believe that one family could be so…What’s the word I am looking for?  Anyhow, Carrie called last night from Maine and told us that she was coming back.  The job in Boston couldn’t guarantee her anymore than two days a week work through the winter.  The hotel business doesn’t get many guests during the winter.  No one can live on that kind of pay. She just called a few minutes ago and she is near Washington, DC.  She is traveling back all by herself.  I pray that all goes well with her.  She will be stopping in a couple of hours to get a room for the night.  If all goes well she should be here in Georgia tomorrow evening.  She doesn’t want to go back to her old job.  Therefore, she will be hitting the sidewalks Monday looking for new employment.  This whole fiasco with us relocating just wasn’t meant to be.  I just want my family to be safe and happy. 

I had mentioned in another post, Remembering My Cousin, that my cousin Judy passed away and that she had a 54 year old son, Barry, with Down Syndrome.  I got an email, from another cousin, to tell me that Barry had passed away.  After Judy passed away Barry kept asking for her.  I guess he was just so heartbroken that he couldn’t live without her.  Barry was Judy’s whole life.  Barry was very special to all of us cousins.  We were all very protective of him when we were younger.

Does anyone know how Nancze is doing?

4 thoughts on “At Least We Tried?

  1. Yes, you tried, and I hope you all be happy whereever you are. I am sure Carrie is home safely soon.
    Poor Barry, sometimes this happens… It is importent to also let children with Downs have a own life outside the parents so they cam make it alone.
    Wish you and yours a nice weekend


  2. Hi Liz, I pray your Carrie returns home safely. Sad about your cousin’s son. I understand how he was his whole life, my co-worker has a son with down syndrome, she is devoted to him and I sometimes think of what what become of him if something should happen to her, hopefully nothing will. Have a nice Friday. *hugs* P.S. it’s not your fault tha you can’t switch back from the classic word press, I never installed the plug-in, looks who’s blushing now.


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