Early Morning Sky

Early Morning Sky
Early Morning Sky (07:35:26)
Rarly Morning Sky
Early Morning Sky (07:35:35)

These pictures were taken early yesterday morning just seconds apart. It was amazing that the same sky, nearly the same time, could look so different and beautiful by just turning a few degrees while facing east.  Within seconds the sky change quickly, right before my eyes.


I snapped this picuture of this gourd through my kitchen window while I was outside. (Brian had taken some gourds and a pumpkin, that we bought while we were in New Hampshire, back here to Georgia).

3 thoughts on “Early Morning Sky

  1. Hi Liz, Your pictures are similar to the skies here today. I will try to do the same when I go for a walk with, I’m sure they will not be as nice as yours. You’ll know what I mean when you will see the picture of my cupcakes, lol. Have a nice Sunday.*hugs*


  2. Hi Liz what beautiful photos. I love all the photos you take. You should consider doing photography esp of things. You do that so very well. You capture the essence of simple pleasures so distinctly. Have a great weekend sweets. big hugs


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