No Fuss Pizza Sauce

I had mentioned in the previous post that I made a pizza sauce for tonight’s supper.  Making pizza sauce is really easy.  I have added the recipe to my recipe pagepizza sauce.  Make some pizza dough and there you have it…two pizzas that will cost you less than what one pizza would cost you if you had it delivered from your local pizza establishment.

I thought Brian had all next week off from school, but I was wrong.  He has to go to school this Monday and Tuesday.  I found out today that this county has to make up the two days that the schools closed down for Tropical Storm Fay last August.  I didn’t know anything about that.  I found out on the school’s website.  Otherwise, I would have kept him home.

4 thoughts on “No Fuss Pizza Sauce

  1. Hi Liz, I’ve got the pizza sauce recipe copied and may give it a try tomorrow, notice I said “may”. Are you still going to the beach to take pictures, or you won’t have time. Wish I was going to the beach it’s freezing here! *hugs*


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