Foccacia (foe-CAH-cha)

Olive and Thyme Foccacia

It was such a beautiful day here weather wise. It was in the 60’s with no humidity. I sat outside while the foccacia dough was rising. Tom and Brain ate almost half of it while it was still warm. That was a 16 inches size pizza pan that I used to make the foccacia. This foccacia can be used to make sandwiches. I use a 12 inch pizza pan to bake the dough which makes it thicker. I just slice the whole thing to make 2 rounds, sprinkle each round on the inside with Italian dressing/sandwich oil and pile on salami, provolone cheese, tomatoes, etc. Then I wrap it tightly in plastic wrap and place it in the refrigerator for a few hours before serving. Many are turned-off by the black olives.  This recipe would be just as good without the black olives. 

Posted recipe coming soon.  I am too tired and lazy to put it all together right now.

(Photo taken in 2007)

p.s. Check out this website-Bake It Pretty. It is where you will find Sweet Supplies for Inspired Bakers.

2 thoughts on “Foccacia (foe-CAH-cha)

  1. Hi Sweetie!! I know I have been very lost. I am so sorry. I was just thinking of you and also Nanzce, Were is she?? The e-mail and url I had from her no,longer works. Gosh I have missed you both very much! I am ok , taking things as they come. My dad is still Ill you know that has been my main issues with not being around much… But I was just thinking of you and wanted to Bring a Big *Angel hug* your way 🙂 , If you hear from Nanzce please let her know I would love to know that she is ok. Take care sweeti, God Bless!


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