Sweet Rolls and Cinnamon Butter

After our trip from the beach yesterday, we stopped and ate in Yulee before coming home.  As with most eating establisments, they brought over a basket of rolls and butter.  The rolls were hot, somewhat sweet and delicious.  Along with the butter there was a Country Crock cinnamon butter.  I only ate a half of one because I knew that if I filled up on rolls…Brian ate my half plus another one and still managed to eat his meal.  Brian asked me if I could make those rolls here at home.  I kind of guessed that they tasted somewhat like the King’s Hawaiian sweet breads and rolls.  After opening up their site I saw them.  There they were-snack rolls. 

I got my recipe out for sweet bread and made a batch along with some cinnamon butter.  I used my hot dogs roll pan to make some and made rolls with the rest of the dough.  I seldom use my hot dog pan and thought that I should get some use for it. 

sweet rolls
Sweet Rolls and Cinnamon Butter

For the cinnamon butter-I used a 1/2 cup of softened butter (can use softened spread), 2 heaping Tablespoons of extra fine white sugar or confectioner’s sugar (I ground some sugar using my small coffee grinder) and 2, rather large, teaspoons of ground cinnamon (use more or less sugar and cinnamon according to your taste). Mix well. Serve on warm rolls. 

I am happy to say that they were a big hit with Brian and Tom.

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