Warming The Innards

dinner rolls
Dinner Rolls

I made dinner rolls today to go along with the last of the turkey soup I made. I used my hamburger bun pan to make the rolls. It was one carb overload supper this evening. I used all types of pasta and noodles that I had on hand. I also made gingersnap cookies.

turkey soup
Homemade Turkey Soup

I always have a lot of turkey gravy leftover. I make a huge pan of it. When I make my turkey soup, I let it sit overnight. The next day I skim the fat from it and then I add what gravy I have to the stock. That is the reason for my soup being somewhat darker in color than other soups. A turkey stew, so to speak, but not thick like a stew.

5 thoughts on “Warming The Innards

  1. Hello Liz, your supper looks wonderful!

    Hope your are enjoying this holiday season. Its all happening way too fast for me.

    Take care. (((HUGS)))


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