Does It Mean I’m A Geek?

I always wear a (chef’s) apron when I cook and today I wondered just how geeky I probably look. Sometimes I forget I have it on. How geeky is that? I remember my mother wearing those half aprons. She had many pretty ones and made some little aprons for my sister and me when we were little. I still have one of the aprons my mother made for me when I was a child. I was wondering if people still wear aprons.

I used the leftover dinner rolls I made last night to make hamburgers.  The dinner roll recipe is also used to make hamburger buns and hot dog rolls. The pan I used is a mini hamburger roll pan.  I have posted the recipe on my Recipe page.  I am not a big fan of hamburgers, but these rolls are far superior in taste and texture than store purchased buns.

3 thoughts on “Does It Mean I’m A Geek?

  1. Hi Liz,

    I always wear an apron when I bake and some of the time when I cook. The one time I’m messy is when I’m in the kitchen. 🙂 My mother and grandmother’s always had such beautiful aprons. I can picture some of the ‘special occasion’ aprons that they used to wear.



  2. Hi Liz, Seeing someone wear an apron reminds me of my Aunt, she always wore one, she also made her aprons. My mom wore one also, but stopped when she starting working out of the home. My neighbor wears one when she has heavy duty cooking to do. I don’t. *hugs*


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