Sponge Cupcakes

I made sponge cupcakes today and I filled them with lime filling and decorated them with a 7-Minute Frosting.  Although the lime filling was delicious, I think these would be much better if they had a strawberry filling.  Filled with strawberry would be similiar to that of strawberry shortcake.  Although the lime filling was easy enough to make, I had a lot left over.  Tomorrow, with the rest of the lime filling, I am going to make something akin to a parfait.  Recipe for these and strawberry filled ones are found on my Recipes page.

sponge cupcake
Lime Filled Sponge Cupcakes

6 thoughts on “Sponge Cupcakes

  1. Hi Liz: Those cupcakes are so gorgeous they belong in a bakery. You are such a wonderful cook. It’s cold here. I realized that the on “pumpkin” that didn’t get eaten is a gourd, so maybe they don’t like them! Have a perfect day. HUGS


  2. SIMPLY G o r g e o u s !!!!!!! Very, very impressed, indeed !
    Hey ! I saw your pizza dough recipe.
    I’m totally into doing homemade pizza with tha bad economy, and began posting about it on my blog…homemade pizza night at the cozy kitchen……anyhow…….is your crust ‘bready’ ? the recipe I’m using has an egg in it…and I think it makes it more bready, which I like, but the hubs likes a thinner crust……… hmmmm………just wondering………..


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