Rustic Pizza

UPDATE: If anyone decides to make the dough that I mentioned from the King Arthur Flours website I must note that it doesn’t give clear directions. For instance, it says to add the yeast, sugar oil, and salt to the flour, water, and poolish mixture. I don’t think that you can add yeast, salt, or sugar dry to the mixture. So, what I did was add the flour and water to the poolish, mix well, and allow to rest for 20 minutes. While I was waiting, I took a 1/4 cup of warm water, put that into a small bowl, and added the yeast and sugar to soften. Then I added the salt and sugar to this mixture, added this mixture to the flour, water, and poolish mixture, adding more flour, a little at a time, if needed then followed the rest of the their directions.

I made homemade pizza tonight for supper using a dough with a starter/poolish that I started last night.  The recipe came from King Arthur Flours.  It resulted in a chewy/crispy crust just like it said it would. I made four of them using my homemade pizza sauce, one for each of us using each on of our favorite toppings. Brian now likes Italian sausage ham and sometimes mushrooms. Tom likes pepperoni, hamburger, anchovies, and hot pepper flakes on his. Me? I like anything especially artichokes hearts and onions. Well, almost everything. I have a disliking for anchovies on pizza. If you don’t like artichokes and or onions, you won’t like the looks of this pizza. This pizza reminds me of Italian rustic type cooking-which I love.

artichoke pizza
Homemade Pizza

5 thoughts on “Rustic Pizza

  1. WOW. That looks pretty incredible. Excellent presentation.. Sorry trying to sound fancy. I am digging those cupcakes to the right as well. Okay.. I have really bizzare taste, so my dream pizza would have the following toppings: cream cheese, artichoke hearts, feta cheese, peanut butter, and onions. Blessings and Love to you…


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