Date Bars

With some pitted dates that I had,  I made a date filling which turned out to be date bars.

Date Bars
Date Bars

Although I love date bars, I have never made them before, and the only homemade ones I have ever eaten are the ones my mother made. I wanted to see if I could get that same taste back as when I was a kid.  They came out very good.

My absense from blogging has been because I haven’t well.  Less than a couple of months ago I went to the doctor’s and found out that I had bronchitis. I did the antibiotic for 10 days and thought I was doing better. Last week I came down with a sore throat and a cough and by Friday I had a fever and the cough got worse. I went to the doctor’s again, had a chest x-ray and found out that I have bronchitis again.  I am back on a stronger antibiotic and some other decongestant/antihistamine medicine that make me drowsy and sleepy.

2 thoughts on “Date Bars

  1. Hi Liz: Those date bars look wonderful. My mother used to make them, but her recipe book was gone when she died.
    I’m so sorry you’ve been ill. I hope the meds work quickly for you. Have a great day. HUGS


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