I made an apricot and candied ginger panettone today.  Panettone is an Italian Christmas Bread filled with fruits and or nuts.  It can also be a bread for New Years.  Years ago I made panettone and used white lunch bags that I brushed with melted butter instead of pans to bake it in.  Recently I purchase some panettone papers from King Arthur Flours.  I must say I like these papers very much for panettone. 

panettone dough
Panettone Dough

The recipe I used today also came from King Arthur Flours.  I wasn’t too pleased with how it came out in that it didn’t rise as well as I think it should have.  I was pleased with the taste.  I tried a flavoring that I never used before- Fiori di Sicilia.  Fiori di Sicilia (Flowers of Sicily) has an orange and vanilla floral scent.  It almost smells like a creamsicle and vanilla…The scent is heavenly.  It gave the panettone a more authentic taste.  The next time I make panettone I will use my recipe using Fiori di Sicilia flavoring.


Of course I had to try it before Christmas. I am looking forward to a cup of tea and a slice of panettone toasted and buttered for my afternoon break tomorrow. Tomorrow I will be making three dozen finger rolls and freezing them for Christmas Eve. Carrie is coming down tomorrow to vacuum and dust for me while I cook and bake some of the foods that can be cooked a day ahead of Christmas Eve. Carrie is also making the pizzelles for me.


6 thoughts on “Panettone

  1. This looks wonderful, and I sure didn’t know about the papers. To tell the truth, I have no experience with pannetone at all, but yours looks delicious. I see you’re doing Twitter. It looks like fun, but I better not bite off more than I can chew. Nite, nite!


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