Manic Monday #149

  • Do you have any idiosyncrasies or unusual quirks when it comes to food and/or eating? :: I don’t think I do.   Mmm.  I am not sure.  I have to think about that.
  • Have you ever written love letters? If so, do you still have any of them? :: Yes.  I don’t have any of them.
  • How easy or difficult is it for you to say you’re sorry? :: It is easier now for me to say I am sorry than it was years ago when I was younger.

4 thoughts on “Manic Monday #149

  1. Liz,
    Yes I have quirks about food, not sure at the moment what they are but know I have them one I cannot eat breakfast or eat before 11 am.
    I have love letters to Steve I wrote.
    It’s easy to say I’m sorry at least for me, I can’t go on without clearing the air.
    Big hugs


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