“Positive Attitude” Boy

Brian was awarded a Tiger-rific Award (positive student) at school Friday at the Pep Rally.   He didn’t know he was going to receive it.  His teacher called me last Wednesday to let me know that she wanted it to be a surprise for Brian and she invited us to attend.   He was awarded a blue ribbon and a certificate.  He had no idea he was receiving it.  I was so happy for him.  The pictures I took came out horrible.  I never take a good picture inside that school’s gymnasium.  Actually, Tom took this picture and it didn’t come out good for him either.

Tiger-riffic Award

Brian looks pretty rough in that picture.  His hair is all disheveled.   He didn’t leave from home looking like that.  I don’t know what happened between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m.  scratchhead 

It has been extremly difficult to post. I sit here staring at what I wrote and then I delete it.  I guess I really don’t have anything to say.  Maybe I should take a break from posting.

4 thoughts on ““Positive Attitude” Boy

  1. Congratulations on raising such a positive child! There’s no better honor than that.

    I know how you feel about blogging. I miss it so much when I don’t, though. I miss you but have little to say sometimes except work stuff, and that’s rather off limits I guess. Thanks for looking through my photos. Ashley does well and is eager to learn. I’m just her tagalong. Hugs!


  2. Hi Liz 🙂
    I think it might just be that time of year that makes us feel like not blogging so much. After all January is slow as molasses and cold lol
    That is so funny about Brian’s hair getting messy somehow 😆 I had to laugh. Maybe he has a cute little girlfriend that decided to give him noogies’ lol
    But that’s so great that he won the award! Congratulations!
    Hope you have a great week, we’re in for some very cold nights here.
    {{{warm hugggss}}}


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