We Need The Sheets For The Table?

Have you ever awoken with a song on your mind and find that you can’t stop thinking about it, singing it or humming it?  This is the song that has been invading my brain all day long.  I even had Brian singing it before he went to school this morning and Tom singing it after supper-the English version.  We all mess it up when we try to sing it in Italian.  But it is fun trying.

I have this song in my Italian Music archives.  That is why Brian knows it.  There are more stanzas than what is on the video above.  I remember my grandmother singing this song.  It wasn’t until years later that I heard it again on the movie “The Godfather” during the wedding scene. 

Brian got his report today and made the honor roll.  I am very proud of him.

3 thoughts on “We Need The Sheets For The Table?

  1. Hi Liz, Oh my goodness that song brought back so many memories, I love listening to it, it really got me going this morning. I wake up with a son in my head almost every morning, it’s usually one of the songs from my aerobics class, this morning it was Je T’Adore, I don’t know who does it. Congratulations to Brian for making the honor roll. *hugs*


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