Websets And Layouts

During my absence, here on wordpress, not much has been going on.  Brian was sick again with a strep throat and is back on antibiotics.  Today he will be attending a birthday party for one of his classmates at the bowling alley here.  He is looking forward to that very much.  

I have been designing websets for Blogger users and offering them for free.  As much as I love WordPress, it doesn’t allow us to use our own websets.  I have an account with Blogger so that I can make and design graphics, when I feel the need to create graphics, using my Paint Shop Pro program.  By using Blogger,  I can upload and display them.  Also, it keeps my mind fresh on html, codes, etc.    My blogger website is:  The Bramble Berry Patch.  I know that I will tire of making computer graphics and move on to something else (la donna è mobile-woman is fickle).  For now it keeps me busy and productive.

I am not giving up my wordpress account.  I simply love the usability of wordpress and love blogging and posting here.  I have had a blogger account for four years and haven’t used it for blogging or posting.  Now, I am using it to display my graphics and freebies for others to use.

7 thoughts on “Websets And Layouts

  1. Hi Liz, I’m glad you’re making some graphics for blogger, I wanted to so so as well, but couldn’t find the time. I changed my blogger template yesterday but I’m going to change it again to one of yours. Hope Brian is feeling better and had fun at the birthday party. *hugs*


  2. I was so glad to hear from you this morning! I see you’ve been beyond busy with the amazing graphics site. That’s wonderful! I’m so sorry Brian has been sick again and pray he will soon be better. Missed you much!


  3. Hi Liz, what great sets! I love them! I am glad you are doing some graphics again, you are so talented. They are really detailed and beautiful!

    I am sorry Brian has been sick, I hope he is doing better now! Hugs!


  4. Hi Hon!

    I visited your new site. My favorite designs are treasured and tied up in pink. You are very talented! I am happy to see you are getting back into doing graphics. I am really glad to know that you love posting here so I don’t have to worry about you going on hiatus for an extended period. Hope and Hugs…


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