Saturday At The Lanes

Saturday we went to the local bowling lanes for a birthday party for one of Brian’s classmates. Tom and I shot pool while the kids bowled and ate pizza and cake. I hadn’t shot pool in over 20 years. I lost two games by one ball to Tom. The last game I was running the table. However, on the last ball I couldn’t get my tired, old leg  up on the table to get a better shot I declined to sling my leg up on the table to get a better shot as there wasn’t a bridge to get to the awkward shot.  I didn’t set myself up for that last ball. Yup! I conceded to Tom. 

When the kids came back to the game room some were trying to play pool with just the cue ball and air hockey without money. Tom and I gave the kids money so they could play some games. One little girl was thirsty and didn’t have any money for a soda. Her mother had dropped her off without any money. Tom gave here some money to buy a soda. When I walked by the snack bar I noticed that the little girl was talking to the girl behind the counter. The girl behind the counter had a quizzical look on her face. I went over to see what the problem was and the counter girl told me that she was ordering coffee. The little girl was no more than 8 years old. I told the little girl to order a soda instead. *LOL*

In the meantime, the kids were trying to play pool and didn’t know how to hold the stick, etc. I went over and tried to show them how to play. Tom was over the other side feeding money into the games for the kids.  It was too funny.

The adults that came with their children stayed in the other room and didn’t venture into the game room. Earlier, Tom and I introduced ourselves and tried to make conversation with the parents and some of the grandparents and found that they weren’t too interested in talking.  Humph!  That was ok with me. I had a better time with the kids. 

Tom was holding my camera-and still doesn’t know how to use it-and shot a pic of me with a couple of the kids at the pool table.

Billiard Granny

Can that picture get any blurrier?  That is why I stay behind the camera.  That and I don’t like my picture taken. 

Brian had a great time.  Tom and I both enjoyed shooting pool.  We used to play a lot when we were younger.  On Saturday nights we would go to some of the local bars and shoot pool.  Most of those times I stayed out of trouble.  But, that is a post for another day.  *lol* 

Those Were The Days

Once upon a time there was a tavern
Where we used to raise a glass or two
Remember how we laughed away the hours
And dreamed of all the great things we would do…

I started to wonder how silly it looked for a gray-haired granny to be shooting pool and then I thought-WHO CARES!  I think more of us granny’s should get out there and do what we enjoy doing.  Not what we think we should or what other’s think we should do because of our age. 

brian bowling
B Bowling


After the party we took Brian out to eat at IHOP.

3 thoughts on “Saturday At The Lanes

  1. Hi Liz, sounds like you and Tom had a great time, and that is all that matters. I think we should all enjoy what we like to do, and age shouldn’t make one difference.

    I imagine those people were stuck up snots, and not meeting you and Tom were their loss. Crazy people, goodness sakes. I am sure the kids all were thrilled that someone took an interest in what they did.



  2. Hi Hon!

    Pool playing knows no age.. lol. That little girl just needed her coffee fix and believe me I understand that. Its funny that you mentioned the adults weren’t into talking because I dealt with a similar adult in one my classes last night. I thought.. hey I did my bit, I was nice and if she couldn’t recognize my charm and they couldn’t recognize you and Tom’s charm, that is there loss, right? ~smile~ I hope you have a lot of reasons to smile today. Hugs!


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