I’m In A Lazy Daze

It was a lazy day for me earlier today. I didn’t have the ambition to do much of anything. Although, I did wash the window here in the computer room. I didn’t even get supper. Everyone had leftovers. This evening I started a load of laundry and Tom finished it. Now, that is lazy. I am so glad that tomorrow is Friday.

Tomorrow I am going to make a cake. Brian wanted me to make one for Valentine’s Day. He like it when he comes home from school and I have something baked for his after school snack. I just hope this laziness doesn’t carry over into tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “I’m In A Lazy Daze

  1. Hi hon,

    I can remember coming home to my babysitter after school and going straight for the snack freezer. It is so wonderful that you bake Brian’s afternoon snack. He is a very luck boy. Don’t feel guilty about being lazy once and a while. I don’t really think you are being lazy, I think you are taking a well deserved rest. Blessings!


  2. Hi Liz, aww how cute Brian wants a cake. I bet it will be yummy! I am going to get Morgan today. I just heard the pork barrel package was passed. I wonder if we will get to review it for 5 days like Obama promised before he signs it! I am so frustrated with our government who keeps lying to us. Oh God I don’t think this good. I started reading all the stuff in there it’s pretty awful. Not stimulating at all. All I can say is God help us all! keeping your family in my daily prayers and our country. big hugs


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