Tulips And A Chocolate Rose

When I awoken this morning Tom and Brian had surprised me with some pretty tulips and a chocolate rose.

Valentine's Day 2008
Valentine's Day 2009

It was a rather quiet day. I read for a little while then took a nap while Tom and Brian watched a movie.  Yesterday I did manage to make that chocolate cake that Brian wanted me to make.

5 thoughts on “Tulips And A Chocolate Rose

  1. Hi Liz Happy Valentine’s day to you too! I got your little note on my blog. I am so steaming also about the what you called to funny I might add spendulous package. What a great name for it the little piggies I mean big fat piggies. A bunch of old rich people spending tax payers money anyway they want and call it a stimulus package. I actually cried about it, I am so worried that we are going to go broke in this country. My husband tried to calm my fears telling me things were worse when RR took over in the 80’s, but I was so young and poor I didn’t know what was going on, so I guess that was good, but now that I too I am scared!
    Morgan had a fit and went home. She got mad cause I asked her to take a shower. Yep she is getting her mothers nasty attitude and they text each other constantly and she told on me and the next thing I knew my son was on the phone with me telling me what Morgan told her mother. I just told my son to come get her. Before he got here I told her I loved her very very much and I was sorry that she had to go tattle on me and try to get me in trouble for making her do things she didn’t want to do but that is the way it goes. We had a nice time before her fit though. Now that her mother and her text each other constantly it’s hard for me to enjoy her company these days. It’s pretty sad really I can’t be with her without that phone and she is 10 years old!!!!
    Anyway have a great weekend. big hugs and Happy Valentine’s Day!


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