Where’s The Beef!

We know that most of O’s and company spendulus bill contains much pork.

My question is: CLICK HERE

Wheres the Beef
Where's the Beef

3 thoughts on “Where’s The Beef!

  1. Totally for sure. I was reading what all is in the bill it will not work it’s all pork and as far as I am concerned a bunch of politicians went on a spending spree with money we don’t have on pork they wanted with the tax payers money. It’s theft. Hugs


  2. Oh, I remember these ads so well. We were just saying how ads have changed for the worse. They say the Alka Seltzer guy is coming back. Maybe people are getting tired of Free Credit Report.com!


  3. Hi Liz: The Moo Moo Gai Pan was wonderful –so much better than the junk in the restaurant that’s coated in MSG and Sodium. I had ten different veggies in it. I made a chicken stack sauce for it. Yummy. Tonight is the Pulled pork. I’m serving it on Ciabatta buns. Have a fantastic day today. HUGS


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