Keeping It Light Over Here

I have moved my ‘politicizing’ and rants to: September’s Melody.

Brian had to see his doctor yesterday.  He complained of a sore throat and the doctor said that he has Pharyngitis.  Brian is back on antibiotics.  This is three times in two months that he has been on antibiotics.  A few years ago he had his adenoids removed and tubes inserted into his ear, but they kept his tonsils.  I am wondering if he will need his tonsils removed if he keeps having problems with his throat.

Carrie and Nicky came over today.  Nicky is doing well and I got a couple of pics of him and Carrie.  

Let’s see.  Last Saturday I dumped Tom’s pc and reinstalled everything.  His computer was doing all sorts of crazy things.  I wasn’t able to back-up some of his files and programs.  His computer wouldn’t respond to his old files and program. Now it is just like it came directly from the factory.  I spent hours on it Friday and Saturday before I decided to just start over.  Now, Brian is spending too much time on the computer.  Whoa!  I say.  It is time to rein him in. 

I also posted my Ragù Alla Bolognese on my recipe page.

4 thoughts on “Keeping It Light Over Here

  1. Hi Liz you’ll have to send me your political rants password and usermame. I thought it was a great read. I think there is a lot of people very unhappy no matter what party your normally voting with. this is all very shocking what’s going on in our country. Anyway my dear I’m very sorry to hear about little Brian. Maybe he will grow out of it. I had a lot of tonsil problems as a child earaches, sore throats and such forth. I still have the earaches and my tonsils swell occasionally but for the most part I finally grew out of it in my 40’s!!!!!!!! Now I have terrible allergies.
    The doctor’s never wanted to take my tonsils out. I do hope Brian feels better soon.
    That’s great you fixed the computer for your husband. I did that for Kirsten and it’s nice to have the know how and save a computer in this economy. Enjoy a wonderful day sweets. big hugs


  2. Hi hon,

    I went through the same thing as Brian. I was always getting sore throats and ear infections. When I was 11 then decided to take out the tonsils. I was not happy about that! But I started to get sick less and less after that. I sincerely hope Brian is feeling better soon. I know that being sick can be scary for a child. Thinking of you…


  3. Hi Liz, poor Brian hope he feels better soon and doesn’t need to get his tonsils out, although better now than later I guess. I’ve had to put my computer back new a couple of times also. Have a nice Friday. *hugs*


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