The Near Bagel Boggle

For me a bagel without cream cheese is like a…Well, like a bagel without cream cheese. Every morning I try to ignore the gnawing in my stomach that signals me to, “EAT SOMETHING YOU FOOL!”  What do I want to eat this morning? Hey, how ’bout a bagel with cream cheese. I hear yah, sistah!

While my bagel is toasting under the broiler (’cause I don’t like both sides toasted) I go to the refrigerator to get the cream cheese. I look on every shelf moving ever thing around, in the refrigerator door, in the crispers…WHERE IS IT! I know I didn’t use it all. I remember opening it and using it once the other day. Maybe I put it in the freezer. Nope not there. Maybe, just maybe I put it in the closet. Oh, please tell me I didn’t do that! Nope not in the closets either. I know that T and B didn’t eat it because they would rather eat dirt than eat cream cheese. Frantically, I head back to the refrigerator to look for that cream cheese. It is still not there (like it would just magically appear or something). I close the refrigerator door and stood in front of it. I could feel my face take on a quizzical look and then a frown and then comes the hands on the hips.   Hmm!  “I know it is in there somewhere.” I again, open that door and aggressively move things around while taking a mental inventory of what is in there. Maybe I overlooked it.

In the meantime, my bagel is browning nicely. Then I thought how ridiculous I must look and how ridiculous a block of cream cheese could ruin my day. I gave up on the search for the cream cheese and talked myself down. I will eat that bagel without that delectable, creamy substance. I turned around to the counter and there it was a shiny silver wrapped block of cream cheese. Now comes the words I have said hundreds of times since becoming old enough to become an AARP member. “How did that get there?” However, I digress and will state once again that ‘a bagel without cream cheese is like…Well, like a bagel without cream cheese’.

Now, where did I put my glasses?  Perhaps I put them in the refrigerator.  I’ve done that before.   Now a new and different search begins.  But, not until I finish my bagel, that is.

Oh, the joy of being me.

5 thoughts on “The Near Bagel Boggle

  1. Ciao Liz, thanks for the visit 🙂 and comment. I love bagels! YUM! I’m so glad that I can find them here in Scotland. In Italy we don’t have them… well, yet! 😉 I like mine with cream cheese too. I admit I miss all the different kind of bagels we could find in the US, here they are only “plain”, “cinnamon&raisin” or “with seeds”. Have a lovely evening… oh, boy! Now I crave a bagel, LOL! 😉


  2. Hi Liz, it’s me Sandy up in South Carolina. Thought I would do some visiting tonight and I saw your name over at Connie’s tagboard and here I am.
    I have to admit I got quite a laugh out of your comment about trying to find the cream cheese 😆 thanks for the laughs I needed them. Sounds a lot like me!
    Here’s a good one for you: I buy loose tea and then make it in the coffee pot like you would coffee. So last week I decided to make some tea, and poured the loose tea in where the water is supposed to go, talk about a mess :O)
    My husband thought I really did lose my mind 😉
    I loved your Brambleberry Blogger Site with all the pretty graphics. (hope I spelled the site name right)
    I want to watch the video about the credit cards and started on it, but it’s a long one. But I will be back to watch it. It looks very interesting.
    hope you enjoy your bagel tomorrow morning 😉

    oh p.s. loved the post about you playing pool. Your hair doesn’t look gray at all, it looks a really pretty blonde.
    congrats to Brian for being on the honor roll! that is a wonderful thing, and I’m sure he can thank gramma and grampa for it too!
    huggs, Sandy


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